Friday, June 14, 2013


Good morning, everyone!

This morning I'm showcasing some hand-crocheted items for your kitchen and bath!

They may be tiny, but they are mighty!  LOL

I've started crocheting SCRUBBIES!!!!

There are 2 different for your face and one for so many other jobs.

Facial scrubbies are so, so, so soft!  These are made of cotton (and sometimes a blend of cotton and acrylic) and are meant to replace a wash cloth for removing your make up.  Did I mention how soft they were???  Perfectly sized with a 4" diameter, they fit nicely in your hand and lather up with your favorite facial cleanser.  

They are eco friendly because you aren't buying something and then throwing it in the trash.  You can use these over and over again and throw them in the wash.  Washing them in the washing machine will also make them softer and softer each time.  

I made them double thick (crocheting 2 rounds together), so you can also use them in the shower or bath. A friend even uses them to do her dishes instead of a dish cloth. 

Now, this scrubby is even MORE heavy duty!  I made these using nylon netting and the 100% cotton yarn.  One side is meant to wash dishes the other to scrub pots and pans.  The nylon is tough enough to scrub with, yet it won't take off the non-stick coating on your pans.  

To clean these, simply hang them over one of your posts in the dishwasher when you do your dishes.  The extra hot water and scrubbing bubbles will take away all of the bacteria and germs.
Again, don't just use them in the kitchen.......They are wonderful to use to clean your shower or even get darker colored ones to give to your husband to use in the garage! 

Thanks for letting me share another one of my crafty outlets!

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