Friday, May 31, 2013

Newborn Baby Ruffle Butt Cover and Hat

Good morning!
It's Friiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyy!!!!

I'm so ready for the weekend and getting this little project done ahead of time was the icing on the cake for finishing out my week.

I had a request for a pink, yellow and peach ruffle butt cover for a newborn arriving in late June.  I couldn't find any ruffle yarns with those colors so we just used pink and peach, instead.

Look how cute!

This will be perfect as a photo prop for the precious little one wearing it.  It will fit right over her tiny diaper and make a bright, fun photograph!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camping Season begins!!!

Mountain Pies!

Yep!!!  It's camping season!!!

Along with the beach season starting (I posted about that yesterday), you also have camping season coming.  Anyone who knows me well, or who has read my posts through the summer, knows that I totally enjoy my "Crafty Camping!"

Here are some of the fun things I made for this year!

Some nights get down-right chilly!  Having this on will definitely make that fire even more cozy.

Our camp is permanent and we basically only camp there, so I added a bit of a personalization to my sweatshirt.  I get lots of compliments when we are out and about when others notice it.

This was a request and I just love that hot pink!  I mean, isn't it appropriate that a "Happy Camper" is wearing pink?

Another "camper" shirt for me but this one is on a t-shirt. 

Here's a custom set of koozies for all of your canned/bottled beverages.  These are so compact and perfect to have on hand when guests show up!

Other designs that I'm offering in the store using the same saying as above, just offering different pictures.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beach Totes!!!

Yep!  You read that correctly!

It's going to be "Beach Tote" time, very soon!!!!

I've been crocheting these up like crazy for friends and for the Etsy store.  The size in the pictures is sooooooooooo deceiving.  I fit 2 beach towels, a HUGE beach blanket, 2 pairs of flip flops and 2 bathing suits into this bag.  The woven squares allow it to stretch and they make a great space to hang your sun glasses!  ;-)

Since the bags are made of 100% cotton, you can throw the bag into the laundry right along with your towels.  It will wash up beautifully with like colors.  It will also roll up nice and small in order to slide into your suitcase for a nice beach vacation.

Check out some of the ones I've made so far!

This beach tote was made for a friend and was done with JoAnn's Boardwalk Cotton yarn.  It's a more expensive yarn, but this is definitely my favorite beach tote, by far.

This one is available in the store and I made it so it would be done for the 4th of July holiday.  Nothing screams summer more than the red, white and blue!

Another tote done in special colors for a friend.  This aqua was just amazing to work with.  So pretty!

This last one is also still available in the store and just look at how much it holds!  It's almost as big as one of those laundry bags!

This is the start of the current Beach Tote (the bottom panel).  A friend wanted one done in Hot Pink!  She is getting her wish!  ;-)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my crochet work!  I'm loving doing these bags!

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