Friday, March 1, 2013

The Hills are Alive..............

with the sound of music!!!!

Do I have you singing, now?

I recently had a friend who landed a set-designer job for a local high school musical and their big "Sound of Music" production.  She asked if I could help her out with some special thank-you gifts for those that she worked with.

She suggested tumblers and insulated coffee mugs so we found some graphics she liked and I put together these.

The school colors are red/gold so we alternated those colors on the tumblers.

I absolutely love how these insulated mugs turned out with using the red caps.

 She also needed a few cards and since she is an "artsy" girl, she chalked some mountains on water color paper and then sealed them.  She then gave them to me and I made the two cards below as thank you cards for her.
I used a background stamp that had clouds and then mounted her chalk scene over top that panel.  I used the red/gold colors again to capture the school colors.

She wanted a sentiment inside and we thought this was a perfect way to thank the people that gave her the opportunity to do the set. 

It was really fun doing some custom pieces and working with Amanda on this.  I'm sure the recipients loved her thoughtful gift.


Caryn said...

Wow 0 this set is so creative! What a perfect gift to those who were involved. Great work!

Kristii said...

You are amazing!! I love seeing all your creations!! You inspire me!

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