Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Dew Drop Shawl!

Hey, everyone!

You may have not have noticed but I've recently been bitten by the "yarn bug!" It's such a thrill to turn a skein of yarn into a scarf, shawl, hat or blanket and it has been a total stress reliever for me.  Not to mention, when you are making a blanket in the winter time, you stay quite cozy as you are making it!!!

Recently, I got turned on to loom knitting.  It's for people like me who can't hold 2 needles and work them at the same  Seriously, though, there are some pretty incredible items that can be made on the loom and this is one of them.

It's called the Dew Drop Shawl and you can find so many other patterns on that YouTube channel by Kristen!

I used Red Heart Shimmer yarn in Pewter for mine, but I can't wait to head to Ligonier to find some fancy-shmancy yarn with little glass beads to make an incredible one of these for the annual gala that my husband and I attend each year.  There are so many possibilities with this shawl and all of the different kinds of yarns you could use.
Here's the loom with several rows on the yarn.  For this pattern you go back and forth across the loom 100 times to make this shawl.  The loom has 84 pegs down the side, so this picture isn't showing you the entire loom.

When the pegs get too many of the loops around them, you carefully lift several of them off, pull of the extra loops, then drop the loops below the loom, and then replace the 2 you grabbed.  This causes the drop stitches to fall below the loom.

When you lift the loom up they all fall and you can begin to see the pattern forming.  This picture of the shawl is about 1/2 way finished.

When you are all done, here are some of the ways it can be worn.

I wore my shawl as a scarf to work and this is how I positioned it.  I got lots of compliments all day while wearing it.

Tying a loose knot is very beautiful, too.  This is the only picture of all of the ones I took that sort of captures the sparkle and bling that goes through the yarn.  So pretty!

Wearing the shawl this way is perfect for a blazer or jacket.  It lays so nicely.

Finally, if you would like to dress up your outfit for a night out, let it drape like a shawl.  The scallops are so gorgeous and flowing.

I honestly had my doubts as to whether or not I could make this, but it was so fun and relaxing.  I have to admit that I had to watch and rewatch several parts of the video over and over to understand, but I got it.

Thanks for stopping by to see my newest creation!


Glennis said...

Wow Stephanie - that is so beautiful

June K said...

Hi Stephanie! What a beautiful shaw/scarf. Thanks for the link. Oh and remember to share the next one you make with the glass beads.

Colleen Holmes said...

You just amaze me!!:) Very pretty!

Kristen Mangus said...

Thank you for blogging about my pattern and video Stephanie! Your styling is perfect! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and really excited that you'll be getting blingy yarn to try for your gala date. How fun! :-)

Happy Looming!
Kristen Mangus

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