Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Mass Producing Christmas cards

Hi, everyone!
Are you beginning to panic because you haven't started your Christmas cards, yet?

I have a great way for you to use up some of your Christmas patterned paper and get started on those holiday cards!

If you are like me, you store all of your scraps of the same paper pad, right in the paper pad itself.
I want you to take out all of those out and slice them down into all kinds of shapes......squares, rectangles, strips.....ALL kinds!
You'll also need to gather several Christmas sentiments. I pulled out all of my SSD Christmas sets (or previews of sets....that's how I catalog them) so that I could pick my favorites.
Find some scrap strips of paper of all different sizes for your sentiments.
Stamp various sentiments on the strips.
Gather all of your Christmas embellishments and have them surrounding your work area so they are at your finger tips. You'll also notice in the photo below that I trimmed down all of those sentiments (on the right side of the picture) so that they had flagtail ends.
You may also want to cut several card bases of various orientations so they are ready to go, too!

Now you are ready to start assembling!
I started reaching for 3 of my patterned paper blocks and just placed them where I thought they would look nice and balanced.
Next, I wanted to add some embellishments and my sentiment.
After everything was laid out, I glued everything down and added some foam dimensionals under the sentiment and some bling in the corner because the card seemed to need something a little bit more.

First card done and many more to go!
After you get into your groove, you'll be mixing and matching before you know it.

Here are the others that I got finished in this same crafty session.

Seven cards and 2 hours later, I have started my Christmas stash! And, the best part......I'm using up that patterned paper that I just had sitting in a drawer!

I hope you try this little technique and jump start your holiday card making!


June K said...

Great tips, Stephanie. I really should try this method. I have tons of scraps.

Glennis said...

Brilliant idea!

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