Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Ferndale BLING with the Cameo!

Hi, everyone!

I'm still working like crazy with my cameo and now I've been trying my hand at rhinestones!!!

Our school is the Ferndale Yellow Jackets (gotta love the black and gold).  And......I've been trying to come up with some designs to wear on our "Dress Down Fridays."  I just purchased two awesome patterns with yellow jackets and can't wait to bling up a T-shirt with our mascot!

Take a look!
This one is pretty impressive.  With that large size and all those rhinestones, this design will definitely be noticed.

This second one is a bit smaller (5.5" square) and not as filled in.  Will also look great and flashy!

Finally, here's shirt that I just made over the weekend to wear for my Bullying Meeting at school.  Again, I chose the black and gold for our school colors! 
Learning how to cut the material to house the rhinestones, then pick it up to place on the T-shirt is pretty neat!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look today!

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