Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sports Bottles for Birthday Parties!

Good morning, everyone!

Just a quick post today showing off some of the requests I've had lately for sports bottles for birthday party favors.

Super Hero Theme!
These were an assortment that headed to New York!  The boys got blue and red bottles and the girls got pink and purple.  I love the little girl super hero!

All of the cute super hero names on the back!
These have been my biggest seller and what a great gift for the kids for coming.  I'm down to about 2 dozen of these type water bottles and can't get any more of them........but, I have other really cute ones that I'm using instead.

Flowers & Stars Theme!
Lots of lucky little girls getting these water bottles with pretty posies all over.

The boys attending this party will get stars instead of the flowers!

Farm Theme!
These have turned out adorable.  The lucky birthday boys (2 brothers) are having their party on a farm.  Mom loved the little tractors and has a water bottle for each attendee. 

Aren't the pink ones just adorable???  She also ordered some with no names in case someone arrives that didn't RSVP.  Smart thinking!

Great idea for parties!  I may be making some of these for my school kiddos this year.  With all of the different name spellings, it will be nice that they can have something personalized.

Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by!

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Dawn @ LilyPinkScraps said...

These are fabulous Stephanie!! Keep 'seeing' you on the FB Silhouette page - so many great ideas there :)

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