Friday, July 13, 2012

Stick Figure Tumblers!

Good morning, everyone!

I've got more tumblers for you!  I'm having such fun making all of these!

I got a request from a friend to make her a tumbler featuring her 2 beautiful girls using stick figures!  I was so excited because I have a HUGE set of stick figures for my tumblers and shirts, but haven't had a chance to use them.

She wanted each of her girls on opposite sides with Gabby playing volleyball and Gia doing gymnastics.

These turned out so darned cute!  With each of the girls over 3.5" tall, you can really see all the fun details like the braids or glasses.  Much smaller than that, and the cutter won't get those details.  I also think the choice of pink for the letters is perfect!

Remember that I said I had bought a huge collection of figures but haven't gotten to use them yet......well, here's what I mean!

These are all of the options someone has to build their characters.

First, you have the bodies!!!
I love all of the activities in this set.......from gymnastics to football, dancing to fishing!
Instruments galore along with a wedding party.  Wouldn't a tumbler for each bridesmaid (with a matching face/head below) be cute for the Bachelorette Party?
What about some hunting?  Or swimming?  Fishing?  or Shopping?

Next, you have the faces/heads!!!
Here are some faces/heads you can choose!
Here are even more!

Finally, you have the extras!!!
There are actually a few more bodies up in the top left corner.  Bikes, roller blades and skateboards are all popular images for your teenager!

There are a bunch of extras here that can be used for pets, to add purses or hats....even crowns to your stick figure!
And, aren't these selections fun??  I just had a request to put just a pair of flip-flops on a hot pink tumbler.  It looks awesome!

So, you can probably tell why I'm so darned excited..........There are virtually hundreds of combinations to put on a tumbler!!!

I didn't even show you the 3 accessory pages!  There are glasses, mustaches, beach themes, flip flops, horses, fish, dogs, trees, etc........It's an amazing collection to work with!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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LilyPinkScraps said...

So very cute!! Best of luck with your lovely etsy shop :)

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