Monday, June 25, 2012

More T-shirts!

Good morning, everyone!

I'm back with a few more shirts!  It was our anniversary yesterday, and I made some shirts for both Mike and I. 

For anyone reading who has ever been to our river lot........This is how our camp it is set up!  Tons of trees and the river below us.  I just love these stick figure people and got the set mainly for the fisherman! 
This is my shirt as I thought that wording was "too girly" for

Here's Mike's shirt!

And, finally, here's another shirt that is just perfect for Mike at our river lot.....because if he is sitting, he is wishing he could go fishing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


Linda Suarez said...

These are so cute Stephanie! You are really making me want to get a Cameo! You are having way too much fun!

cutiephinphin said...

Awesome! Maybe you need to do a tutorial :P I have a Silhouette SD but have not tried this function as it seems intimidating.

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