Thursday, May 17, 2012

SSD - Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Good morning, everyone!
Welcome to Skipping Stones Design's Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Today I'm sharing some cardstock and patterned paper organization tips. 

We all have it!
We all hoard it!
We all need it organized, so we can USE it!

I started organizing my patterned paper, cardstock and cardstock scraps about a year ago when I found myself digging through a plastic bin trying to find a piece of cardstock that I knew I had in a certain color.  I probably spent more time looking for that darned piece of cardstock than I did making my card.  I really had to get organized, but I wanted to do it with things I already had in my home and not buy something (so I could spend my $$$ on the fun stuff like.......more patterned paper!!!).

In talking to a lot of other stampers, I came to realize that we usually stick with one company for our cardstock (ie, Papertrey Ink, Stampin' Up, Bazzill, Hero Arts, etc.).  That being said, if you use many different companies, this will still work for you as long as you keep your cardstock organized by color groups.

Cardstock Storage

This is what I found to organize my cardstock.  It's simply a metal file folder that sits right under my cutting table.  As you can see, I do have each color in a tabbed folder so that I can find the color I'm looking for easily.  This is ONLY for my whole 8.5"x11" cardstock pieces.

 Paper Scraps Storage

Right above that file folder on my cutting table sits this DVD storage box that I had from Target.  It looks like  a mess, but I assure you that I can find many shapes of scraps for dies or borders in an instant.

I simply folded a piece of generic Walmart white cardstock in half and stapled it up the sides to create a pocket for all of the odd sized scraps in that color.  On the front I printed the name of the cardstock with a Sharpie.  It's not the neatest, but when I kept looking that huge box of scraps that I had to organize, I didn't want this project to take forever.  I wanted to stamp, not organize......LOL

When I reach for my full piece of cardstock, it's usually to create a card base.  Once I cut it in half for my 4.25"x5.5" card base, I put the other half BEHIND the pocket I created for that color.  This way, when I need a card base, I just go to my paper scrap box to see if I already have a base or if I have to cut a new one.

Patterned Paper Storage

I use the same DVD case storage for my 6"x6" patterned paper packs.  You may notice that I store the paper pads upside down.  I do this so that all the scraps that I cut from the paper can stay in the pad with the whole sheets.  I can still flip through them easily to see the front cover and look at the patterns in the pad.

Another DVD case is used for my cut down 12"x12" paper pads.  I am strictly a card maker and not a scrapbooker, so don't freak out when you hear that I don't have any 12"x12" paper packs.  I find the patterns are too large a scale and hardly use them.  When I first started making cards, I didn't realize, one Saturday afternoon, I cut all my 12"x12" pads down into 6"x6" squares and put it in here.

I created the same kind of pocket as I did for my scrap cardstock box to put the name of the paper pad and house all my little pieces of matching scrap papers.

I hope this gave you some inexpensive tips and ideas on how to store your papers, so that you can find and use them a little better.  I'm betting you have some kind of boxes or plastic bins laying around that you can start organizing your stash.  I'd love to see pictures once you get organized.....just leave your post link in the comments box so I can take a peek!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Tips & Trick's Thursday!!!

Happy Stampin'!!!


Glennis said...

Brilliant ideas Stephanie, I really should make an attempt at this

Jeanne said...

Practical use of storage containers that I now have...Always like to repurpose some things.

Jeanne said...

Great practical advice and ideas!

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