Saturday, December 17, 2011

Special Presents for Special Friends!

Hi, everyone!

Last night I spent 7 hours with my most cherished friends.  There are 8 of us girls who have just totally stuck together and have so much fun and last night was our Christmas party.  Three of the girls worked so hard making the most wonderful dinner for the rest of us, while another made the best martinis you would ever taste.  We had an evening of laughing and fun.  I totally love these girls.

So today's post features the birthday binders that I made each of them for Christmas this year.

I got my main inspiration from Maile Belles' Birthday Binders but I kept tweaking it to make it my own.  Each girl got a binder that featured her birthday month flower on the front.  On the inside, I had a special little red stamp to mark each one of our birthdays.  Finally, I filled it with 6 of my cards in some of the pockets so that they can send them along and make someone smile.

Here are a few pictures of just one of them.
Using ScorTape, I wrapped the ribbon the whole way around the binder and tied a bow to keep it closed.  MFT's dies made a perfect center panel for each one of their binders.

You can see how I just tied it closed to keep everything together.

Each inside panel was stamped with the month in black and it's flower in a light smoky gray so that you can easily write your birthdays over top and still read your writing.

I started making these binders (made 12 total for friends and family) in late July.  Once I got all of the insert pages done, the covers were the fun part.  Next year's gift will be so much easier.........I'm just filling these puppies with more cards for them!  LOL

Have a fantastic Saturday!!!

Happy Stampin'!!!


I'm Renee said...

Stephanie they are fabulous!!
Love the colors and design...
a perfect gift!
May have to borrow this one for next year...;)
So glad you had a fabulous night! :)

June K said...

Stephanie, these are absolutely gorgeous. I know that each of your friends/family members will treasure these. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kara said...

these are great! awesome gift!

Kim O'Connell said...

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! You should sell these!

Jessie said...

Wow Stephanie!! What a really neat idea!! Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time!! I am thinking I may have to do something like this for next year!!

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