Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Janome Cozy!!!!

Hi again, everyone!
If you missed my first post today, I announced the new CAS challenge over at the Outlawz forum.  So, please click the "Home" button and then scroll below this post to see the adorable snowman card that I made for the challenge.

This has been a post that I have meant to put up for a few weeks, but time has not been on my side and I'm just getting to it now.  

Some of you may remember a post a few months ago in which I shared my very first Cozy made by my talented friend Kathy.  Cozies are quilted covers that Kathy custom makes in order to fit all of our wonderful crafty machines.  At that time, she made me a Cozy for my Big Kick machine since I now have the Vagabond.  You can CLICK HERE to read that post.

Well, recently, I asked her to make another one for me for my Janome Sew Mini so that I can keep it covered when I'm not using it.  I asked her to use the same materials because I just love the bright colors in my craft area which is down in the basement.  

Look how gorgeous this Cozy turned out!!!
Kathy's Cozy fits the Janome like a glove!!!!

Aren't these colors fun???  I just love my new Cozy!

In case you don't remember the one I had made for my Big Kick.........
Here it is!
Look at how perfectly she makes these to fit all machines!

Now, you know what I'm doing, don't you??? I keep looking around my kraft room to find more machines that I can have her cover with these materials......LOL  I just love the bright and fun hues in my craft room!

If you'd like to see what she has made, you can visit her at:   Kathy's Cozies Etsy Shop and her Kathy's Cozies Facebook page.........You'll be totally amazed at the quality and beautiful patterns she puts together.  Please tell her that you saw her Cozies on my blog.  It helps her to know where people are getting referred from.

Thanks, Kathy!!!
I LOVE my Cozies!!!

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