Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tips & Tricks Thursday - Making Your Own Wrinkled Ribbon

Hi, everyone!

This is Stephanie and I'm here for Skipping Stones Design's Tips & Tricks Thursday!!!

Today I'm going to show you two ways to make your very own wrinkled ribbon to match your cards,  scrapbooking pages and paper projects.

 You'll need the following items:
  • Seam Binding that is 100% Rayon 
  • Copic markers
  • Distress inks
  • Spritzer bottle (tiny)
  • Heat gun
  • Disposable container that you won't mind ever using again
  • Disposable gloves

I absolutely love Hug Snug's seam binding.  You can use any neutral color such as white or cream and it won't affect your results.

Using Copic markers to color your ribbon:
I like to use my Copic swatch book to try to match the patterned paper of my card to the colors I have on hand.  This makes it a little easier to match the ribbon to the project.
Next.......Simply color a length of the seam binding with your Copic marker.  I use the broad tip end so that I don't mess up my point on the other end.  This only takes a few minutes, but be sure to have your workspace covered so you don't get ink everywhere.
Next scrunch your ribbon up in your hand while wearing a disposable glove or you will have very inky hands.  I usually really squeeze it together holding it tight for a few seconds.
Finally, using your heat gun, dry the ribbon (not too close) while constantly turning and scrunching it as you go.  This usually takes less than a minute since the Copic doesn't totally saturate the seam binding.

Using Distress inks to color your ribbon:

Once again, I like to use my Distress ink chart to see which color will match most closely to my project.  In this case, I decided on Victorian Velvet.
Next, put 2 full droppers of ink into the little spritzer and then fill the rest of the bottle with water.  If you would like your color more saturated, you can add 3-4 droppers.  I use a disposable container that I wipe out all of the time to do my spritzing.  This allows me to wipe up the extra pools of inky water with the seam binding and prevent it from getting on to my workspace.  Spritz the ink/water mixture over a length of seam binding, making sure to not spray it everywhere (don't ask me how I know  ***rolls eyes***), and sop up all the ink making sure to cover all areas of the ribbon.  If you want a tie-dyed or marbled look use less ink, and don't squish and squeeze the ribbon as much.
Once again, scrunch that ribbon up tightly for a really nice "wrinkled" look. 
Again, use your heat gun to dry the seam binding.  If you use this method it does take longer to dry than it does using the Copics because the seam binding is really saturated with color and water.  Make sure it is thoroughly dried before attaching it to your project.
Finally, attach your seam binding to your project and you have a perfectly coordinated wrinkled ribbon!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  
Be sure to check back at the Skipping Stones Design blog every Thursday to learn something new!


June K. said...

Thanks for the tutorials, Stephanie. I've never used the Copic marker method. It sure looks a lot less messy than the spritzing method. I think I need to go that route.

Kim O'Connell said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

jo ( said...

SO loving your tutorial! I have to give it a try! :)

Sandi's Samples said...

Great tutorial, going to go and give it a try. I am also now following you.

Jessie said...

Great tutorial Stephanie! Now I just need to find the Seam Binding! Can not wait to try this!

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