Friday, August 5, 2011

My first COZY!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I don't have a card to share with you today, but instead I have a post about my very first Cozy!!!

Ever hear of a Cozy?
I didn't either until I started to get to know Kathy a little better.

Kathy (a fellow teacher in a nearby district) and I work together as mentor teachers for other teachers in our area through a PDE grant.  I've known Kathy about 6-7 years but really started working closely with her about 2 years ago.  Through our growing friendship we found that we both just LOVE being crafty.......but, in totally different ways.

Kathy is the maker/founder of Kathy's Cozies which makes quilted covers for all kinds of crafty machines.  

Think.......Big Shots, Big Kicks, Expressions, Cricuts, Gypsies, Imagines, Cuttlebugs, etc.

But, her talent doesn't just stop there........
Think electronics..........iPads, iPhones, Kindles, etc.

I was lucky enough to go on a crafty retail therapy trip with her earlier this summer and she let me pick my favorite colored fabrics to make MY first cozies (she's making another one for me for my Janome Sew Mini sewing machine, too).  Since my crafting area is in my basement and basically all black and white.......I wanted bright, feminine and fun colors.

Here's what she made me to fit my Big Kick!

Here is my Big Kick covered with it's Cozy up on the shelf where I'll store it.  Some of you know that I recently got a Vagabond, so that's doing all of my die cutting..........but, I just can't part with my very first purchase.  So, now it gets to look all pretty on some shelving.

I just absolutely love the bright pink and green!

Here is the little opening that ties the Cozy shut around the handle!

And finally a shot of the other side.

You should see all of her other Cozies..........She has such a knack for matching fabrics and colors and makes custom orders all of the time.  

Please check out her Kathy's Cozies Etsy Shop and her Kathy's Cozies Facebook page.........You'll be totally amazed.

If you decide to order a Cozy, let her know that you first saw them on my blog.  
She is so talented that I know you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading today!!!


June K. said...

Oh Stephanie, I love your COZY. It's SO pretty. I just checked out Kathy's Esty shop. I've bookmarked it with my other Esty favorites. She really does nice work.

Lorraine said...

Oh that is sooo cute! And I love the pink/green colors you chose.

Cathy Weber said...

I just emailed Kathy. I am going to need a Janome Sew Mini cover too! She makes such cute stuff, thanks so much for the post. Right now I have a ratty old towel covering it up.

Arlene said...

My goodness, this is way tooo cute! :)

Kara said...

wow...that fits like a glove!

Margaret M said...

Great job Stephanie! Isn't fun to sometimes just step away from the usual crafting and do something different!

Jessie said...

Oh my how stinking cute are they! Will have to check that out for my stuff! And may be a few gifts too!! Thanks for sharing!

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