Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogs4Boobies - Day 2!

Hi, everyone!

It's the 2nd day in the Skipping Stones Design Blogs4Boobies Bounce!  I'm here to give you the line-up so that we can.........


For the next 2 days my Blogs4Boobies Bounce line up will go live at 10am MTN time (8am EST),
so........What are you waiting for??

Here is the list of today's participants: make sure to come back tomorrow and check out our other amazing designers,cards, and projects.

Day #2:

Teri Anderson

Ashley Cannon Newell

Karen Christensen

Jodi Collins

Kimberly Crawford

Jen Del Muro

Katie Gehring

Vanessa Menhorn

Kryssi Ng

Taylor Usry

Sankari Wegman  

Have fun bouncing from blog to blog.  Enjoy all the designs, and make a bid or two! This is a rare opportunity to take home a card(s)/project from your favorite designer, and fight the war against breast cancer!!!

Together we can make a difference!!!

  Last year a total of $1,108.99 was raised and this year SSD has a goal of $1,500.

YOU can help in 3 ways:

FIRST.........You can help by purchasing any SSD stamp set starting August 15th through August 23rd and $2.00 will be donated for EACH set purchased.

SECOND..........You can BID ON CARDS from your favorite designers during the 3 day blog bounce where EACH and EVERY card or set will be auctioned off from August 15th to August 23rd and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Komen Foundation!!!  There will be instructions on how to use the comment section to place bids on the Skipping Stones Blog.

THIRD.........You can help by TALKING ABOUT IT!  Please tell other crafters/stampers about the fundraiser and get them to join in on the fun(draising).  Post on your blog!  Talk about it with your cropping buddies!  If you have your own blog.........feel free to copy and paste part or all of this post so you can help get the word out, too!

I'm going to donate 10 of my cards made with Skipping Stones stamps for the auction tomorrow.

Here's a peek!  

I'll give you individual pictures of each of the cards when I join the hop on Wednesday, August 17th!!!

So please, mark your calendars for Wednesday and come bid on my set of cards.

I think we all know someone who is or has struggled with cancer or breast cancer.  
Any way we can help gives hope to those who are fighting this disease.

Thanks for stopping by today and supporting me in the auction!


slbela59 said...

Ok one more time! Love your cards!! I will bid $15 to start it off!

Christy said...

Love the cards! I bid $20.

kris said...

Bid 2...Love those cards 2!

Stephanie said...

Christy and Kris.........TY so much for bidding on my cards. I so appreciate it, but the bidding is taking place on the tread with a picture of ALL the cards. Just letting you know so that you are part of the auction. Here is the correct link: http://stephaniemino.blogspot.com/2011/08/blogs-4-boobies-day-3.html

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