Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Organization from earlier this week!

I think I mentioned earlier in the week in one of my blog posts that I need to organize several areas of my craft space.  I started with my patterned paper and am just thrilled with it........


I was dreading tackling the "scrap paper box."  Oh, and I didn't just have 1 "scrap paper box," I had two of them......Big boxes!
See for yourself!

GOAL: To get all the scraps in the 2 white boxes put into the black DVD box beside them.
These boxes are on the right side of my scoring station and they are usually left stacked just like this.  The top box had (notice that I did say "had" :-D  ) all of my PTI scraps and the bottom one had all of my patterned paper from other companies.

Here's what the filled boxes each looked like:
Look how full!!!  In all honesty, the bottom one is half as full, but how in the world did I accumulate so many scraps?

Well, I did it!
It took me almost 4 hours!!! 

My teacher instincts wanted to do what I do for the letters for my bulletin boards.  Simply take a piece of cardstock, fold it in half and staple the sides.  So, I went to work making the little envelopes to fit inside my DVD box.  I labeled each with the PTI cs color name (not very neatly, either) and started stuffing those bad boys.

I'm not sure you can tell, but when I make my cards I always cut my cs in half and save the other to use for a card base at another time.  I simply put these pre-cut card bases behind the little pouch so that bases and scraps are all together in one box.

Look how beautiful!!!

Now, I simply have the black DVD case and a little basket for all of my other scraps sitting on my scoring station.  I have so much more room and already I'm noticing that I'm using my scraps more.



Janelle said...

Oh, how I need to tackle my craft room... and especially my scraps. It's amazing that I can make anything surrounded by the mess that is currently in that room. Looks like you did a great job of getting your scraps under control. Way to go!

Linda said...

Great idea! I so need to do this with my scrapbox. TFS!

June K. said...

Stephanie, thanks for sharing your tips. I enjoy reading about how stampers organize their "stuff."

Leigh said...

That's a big job! I did mine a couple of weeks ago. I used a hanging file folder system and put the full sheets in with the scraps. Now when I go to make a card, I reach for the colour and check if there's a scrap that will work before I cut a full sheet.

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