Monday, May 16, 2011

Squigglefly Monday - Anything BUT the Usual!!!

Happy Monday to you!!!
This week is just going to fly on by, so I'm hoping that today does, too!  LOL

Are you ready for a big challenge???
This was definitely a challenge for me and took most of my week to come up with an idea that would work.

Your challenge this week is do to "Anything BUT the Usual" with your Squigglefly images.  This means that YOU need to create something different than you normally make.  For instance, if you make cards all of the time, then create something different.  Or if you normally use Copics to color with, then use something else to color with, etc.  You get the idea......just do something DIFFERENT.....but have FUN!  :)

I only make cards, and some altered items, but I wanted to try something that I could use again.  I hardly ever make shaped cards because I just couldn't get them to open, I knew I wanted to do that.  Then I thought about forcing myself to mess around with my Paint Shop Pro to color an entire image and add textures to the different parts of the image.  
***Confession time*** 
It took the better part of 3 hours for me to digitally color and make my card!!!  Yep, I admitted that to all of you digital pros out there.  BUT, there is a silver lining.......I saved the image and now I can make this same "Thank-you" card (which I think turned out so over and over in 10 minutes, it was definitely worth it.  Not to mention that I got familiar with using textures and breaking up sentiments so that I could manipulate the letters.

So............Do you want to see what took me so long???

Didn't this turn out really 3-dimensional?  To me, this picture looks like just the image I created, but it truly is THE card.  After creating it digitally, I printed it out on 120 lb. weight cardstock and cut the image out.  Then I traced the image on another piece of white cardstock for the matching back panel.  I love how the barrel, apples and metal rings all have texture.  And, even though it took a ton of time, I love how the letters of the sentiment look a bit curved because I cropped each one and then placed/turned it to fit the barrel.

I used the woodgrain and carpet textures on the barrel and apples.  Who would ever have thought carpeting would look good on red, yellow and green?  LOL

I had to go search for videos on how to create the shaped cards and I could smack myself for not looking sooner.  It was so easy and now I can use many of my bigger Squigglefly images to do this same technique!!!

This wonderfully drawn image and sentiment is part of the Inside-Outs series that Squigglefly carries.  I love these images (and there are quite a few) because you get the image and sentiments for both the front and inside of your card.  This one is Inside-Outs: Thanks a Bushel by Chesney Young.

Materials Used:
Squigglefly Digital Images - Inside-Outs: Thanks a Bushel
Paint Shop Pro X
PTI - Stamper's Select White and Pure Poppy cardstock

I can't wait to see what you push yourself to create with this week's challenge.  Hop on over to the Squigglefly Blog to show us how you did "Anything BUT the Usual!"

Thanks for stopping by today!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Stephanie, you are da bomb girl!! I've never tried the digital coloring and I think you've done such an excellent job with this!! So happy you've stepped outside and come up with a brilliant design girl!! :)

Dani said...

What an amazing card! Love it!!!

Rebecca said...

how cool is that??? what a creative way to use a digitial image by coloring it digitally and making it the shape of the card!

Holly said...

Really wonderful card Stephanie! Even though it took you a while - think of all the things you learned that you can use again. Next time won't take you near as long. I haven't done much in digitally coloring either, and I think it would take me much longer to learn all you did! Great job!

Cathy Weber said...

Aren't you the smarted techie crafter out there? I love this and yes, I did think the first pic was the image. What a cute shaped card. You can tell all us PTI people are loving fruit these days. Great job on the coloring, very dimensional and realistic.

Chris said...

SWEET! That is awesome! I am afraid of shaped cards, too. And am horribly technologically challenged, so digital coloring is not my style. LOL

You inspire me!

JanR said...

What a great idea!

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