Monday, January 3, 2011

Squigglefly Monday featuring Bright Life

Good morning, everyone!  
It's Squigglefly Monday!!!

I've got a little tutorial for you today.  You'll have to bear with me as this is the first step-by-step tutorial I have ever done with pictures.  I hope my directions are clear so you can use this technique on your images.

Before I start, I have to admit that I don't know the proper term for this technique; and, honestly, I've never seen it done, so maybe it's a "Stephanie"  All kidding aside, I would assume it's a type of paper-piecing, but it's sort of the reverse of that.  So, I think I'll call it "reverse paper-piecing."   If anyone does know the official term, please let me know in the comments......It will drive me nuts until I'm sure.

Okay..........Here's the deal!

I just love, love, love paper-piecing but with digital images that is sometimes difficult for several reasons:
  1. I usually use small scraps for my paper-piecing and that becomes tricky when using a printer.
  2. I don't have my printer in my craft, if I decide to paper-piece, that means stopping my creative mojo to go print the image again.

When you paper piece you usually use an image with larger areas that won't be too, too difficult to cut out.  So the image I have chosen is the lamp in Bright Life.  I just fell in love with this image when I first saw it.  I think it was because of the sentiment that comes with it.  I could easily name a dozen friends that would certainly deserve a card with this sentiment.

The problem is paper-piecing the shade on the lamp.  
As I was sitting here, I wondered if it would be difficult to actually cut out each section of the shade 
and then put a square of design paper BEHIND the digitally printed image.  

Here's how it worked.

 Just a heads up before you start, you do have to be sure to have a very sharp blade on your craft knife for this image.  Due to the thin strips of black in the shade design, a dull blade may cause them to tear.  

Step #1
The pink rick-rack is just in the picture to show you the first cuts I made.
The first cuts that you will make are all of the vertical lines.  You need to cut both sides of each strip so that the ivory sections in my picture will remove easily.  If you were to completely remove each section from one side to the other, the strips don't have enough paper supporting them and they will rip (ask me how I know!).  If you keep those sections intact until all the strips are cut, you won't have any tearing.

Step #2
You can see that this is the third section from the left that I have removed.
After all of the vertical cuts are made, you then start removing the sections.  One piece of advice, start at one end and work your way across.  Again, the remaining sections add stability to the image so that the little strips will not tear.  I cut the top first and then the bottom, put my craft knife under the little section and carefully pried it up until I could grab it with my fingers.

 Step #3
The finished shade with all of the sections removed.
 Here is the shade with all of the sections removed.  Up close it does NOT look perfect, but when you put the piece of design/patterned paper under it, all those little white, cut edges disappear.  If you were using a darker color design paper and the little white areas were showing, simply color over those edges with a black marker and then you will never notice them.

Step #4
Finally, just cut a small square of patterned paper that would fit the shade and use glue to adhere it to the back side of your image.  I did apply the glue to each little strip using a glue pen and then also around the outside of the shade.  The pattern shows through and the lamp shade comes to life.

 Finished images!
After making the lamps the size I wanted, I could fit 6 to a page.  Here are three of them with all of their shades cut, and  the design paper  glued onto the back.
This did not take as long as you might think, probably because each of those strips are straight.  Once I had all three of these done, I decided to create a set of cards using the design paper from October Afternoon's Modern Homemaker collection.  They worked wonderfully!

But, you be the judge!

 LOVEEEEEEEE this card!!!
This is the card you all saw on January 1st, 2011!
That Aqua ribbon accenting the Parakeet green is a pretty awesome combination. I would have never used these together if they weren't already used together in the design paper.

 I think this one may be my favorite.  
I could not find the perfect ribbon for this so I decided to make my own (I'm offering it in my Etsy store along with all 3 of these cards).  I love wrinkle ribbon but don't get to use it much because I don't make many "vintage" cards.  I was pretty sure that the wrinkle ribbon would be just what this card needed, so I got out my Tim Holtz tiny misters and used his Barn Door Red re-inker.  I spritzed that ribbon until I got a deep red, then dried it using my heat embossing gun and it turned out perfectly!

 Oh gosh.......This may be my favorite!  LOL
I just can't make up my mind!

I love black, red and ivory together.  No matter what you make with this color combination, it always looks awesome!!!  I was thinking that this may end up being DH's Valentine's card.  All I would have to do is stamp a "love" sentiment on the inside and decorate one corner with a few little hearts.  Not exactly traditional, but I think it would work.  Oh, can you tell that I love polka-dots, too???

Well, there you have it!  My very first step-by-step tutorial!  
I hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading this long, long

See you next Monday for our first 
Squigglefly Design Team post!  
I'm so anxious for you to see what the whole team has created!!!


Kim O'Connell said...

All three of those cards are fabulous! You make this look so easy, but I can only image the four letter words that will be flying out of my mouth when I try this! ;)

Holly said...

Wonderful tutorial Stephanie! I think I'd tape scrap pieces to my copy paper and walk to my printer before I tried doing it your way - I'd end up with a cut finger or something! Your cards really turned out fabulous though! I think my favorite one is the second one - I do love how you did that red wrinkly ribbon!

Ted said...

Wow, you make it look so easy, Stephanie! I'd be terrified of tearing that lamp shade. Your cards are wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Stephanie!! You are very clever and..BRIGHT!! :) Darling designs for this image and are a patient woman!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs!! See you next Monday girl!!

Laurie said...

These are so fun! what a great idea! I love them all but the red/black/white one is my fave!! ;)

Cathy Weber said...

Definitely the red, black and white one is my favorite. I think your tutorial is great. I would love a basic tutorial on using a digital stamp sometime if you can fit it in with everything else you have to do. I really wish I could use a craft knife. I am terrible with one. What is your trick to it? Great job today. Very inspiring.

Lorraine said...

Wow, your lamps look awesome! Didn't know you cut the images - yikes, looks like a lot of fussy cutting (oh and for me, dangerous, too, LOL).

Huguenot Girl said...

Great tutorial and fab cards! Don't know if I would have the patience - all that cutting! Nicole

Card Crazy said...

That is totally fantastic! Who would have thought how versatile a table lamp could be? I will definitely be trying this very, very soon!
Sue S.

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