Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm a Happy Crafter w/ new Desk and some Squigglefly Challenges!!!

Hey, everyone!  This is my 2nd post of the day, so if you want to see a really cute masculine card, scroll down for the post under this one.  It really turned out nice.

Sooooooooooo...............Some Squigglefly challenges coming up for you!!!  I'm even going to participate.  Why?.......PRIZES ARE INVOLVED.  And, everyone loves prizes!  Right?

It seems that there is a bit of competition going on between two Squigglefly forums......SNR and PCP!  Here are the details.  Since January is known for football "bowl" games, they are hosting a ColorBowl Challenge!  SNR is the WHITE team...........and PCP is the BLACK team!  All you have to do is create a card USING a Squigglefly image (really cute free images are available on their site) and incorporate white if you want to compete for SNR or create a card using black if you are competing for the PCP team.  And......if you create a card using both, you will be entered in a 3rd challenge!!  That's right!  THREE prizes are up for grabs!  And the best part?  You have until 1/27/11 to submit your creation!

CLICK HERE for the details from SNR!

CLICK HERE for the details from PCP!

And, finally...........Don't forget that every Monday Squigglefly hosts a theme based challenge using their images on their blog......CLICK HERE SO YOU CAN BOOKMARK THEIR BLOG!  You still have time to submit something for this week's challenge but a new challenge does go up on Monday!


Can I just say how much I love my Mikes???  I have had a horrible time lately crafting.  In fact, so much so that I have resorted to seeing a chiropractor to fix the huge knot in my neck and shoulder.  Apparently, the knot is on a trigger point and this is either causing my right arm to go numb or causing a ton of pain.  I can't even sleep on that side and that's how I lay to fall asleep.  So, the chiropractor feels that looking down for long periods of time is the new hobby.  :-(

I stand when I am making my cards.  The only time I sit is when I'm coloring, the 23" desk height (made from stacking 2 Jet Max cubes is fine for that......but, standing the whole time causes me to look down.......way, down!  Now, I'm only 5'3" on a good day, so I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal.  Well, after the chiropractor suggested the cause of my arm numbness, DH decided that he would raise my desk to countertop height......36".  It isn't anything complex but WOW is it making a difference!
Take a look!


Can you see the little platform he made for each side?  It's wonderful.  I also just put a stool under my desk and it is the perfect height for me to sit and color.......not to mention that I can just put it under the desk when I'm not using it......unlike the chair I was using and having to lift it out of the way all of the time.

I'm just one happy crafter!!!


Holly said...

How sweet and creative of him to help you out Stephanie! I hope this helps your neck and shoulders!

Tammy said...

You absolutely are one lucky person to have such a thoughtful husband. Looks great too.

Ellis said...

Ohh, that's so wonderful of him! =)
Good that you can scrap without pain! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Cathy Weber said...

What a sweet guy. I love stories like this.

Dana said...

YAY for your talented, woodworking hubster!
I love it.

BTW, I've had unbearable pain in my neck and shoulders for years and my acupuncturist told me I needed my kitchen counter raised because I'm tall (and do a LOT of cooking). I haven't done it yet, but man the numbness in my arm at night drives me bonkers!

Anonymous said...

Your husband made a fabulous job! So glad you can craft without pain now! See? Sometimes men are useful ;)

Linda said...

Very nice! We have been getting sit/stand stations at work and I sure would love to have one for crafting.

Lorraine said...

Wow, your husband is so sweet & supportive! Hope that makes your neck/shoulder pain go away so you can keep crafting away!

Amy said...

How sweet and supportive! This space looks fantastic!

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