Monday, November 15, 2010

Possible Etsy Shop Name

No card or paper creations today...........just some musings.

I've been setting up an Etsy shop where I can sell my cards.......but, there seems to be so much "behind the scenes" work to do before I load up some homemade items.  One of the things I'm struggling with most is all of the "policies"........shipping, returns, postage, etc.  Lots to do in order to get it up and running correctly.  I don't just want to throw things up there without thinking through everything first.

One of the fun things is the fact that you get to create or use one of their banners for your store front.  I had Mike come up with a store shop name and this is what he came up with..............

Because I can't make the image any says, "Greetings from Stephanie - Cards and Specialties."

I made the banner with a free image, but his explanation behind the name was that everything I have made........journals, Post-It note holders, pens, Thanksgiving table decorations, etc. all have "greetings" on them.  And since I'm not just making cards.........I also have my "specialties".  Isn't that neat???  I love it. 

Anyway.........Any feedback would be appreciated as this is what I'll get printed on stamps for the backs of my cards.  

On another note.......I attended my very first Creative Memories party a few weeks ago and my papers/flowers/ribbon came today.  I am just totally in love with my new snowflake paper.  In fact, I can't wait to start using it for winter cards.  Take a looksie!

Look at that beautiful Chartreuse and purple???  I'm in love!!!

And these rich colors just called out my name.  Love these too!

Thanks for taking a look at my blog today.  Any thoughts on my Etsy banner for my shop?  Any suggestions for Etsy itself???  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Chris said...

Good luck with your Etsy adventure! Your banner looks great!
And Oh MY... the CM paper pack is awesome. It's been a long time since I've ordered from CM. That's where I started my scrapbook obsession years ago. I should check it out again.

Jill said...

Stephanie, I think your Etsy shop name is great! Clever and to the point. :-) Pretty banner too--can't wait to see it full-size!

Viola Mahr said...

Hi Steph! I think your etsy store name is really cute! :) Take time with the little bits and bobs of etsy cause it will help in the long run. And customers do get first impressions with the headers usually ... so if you have time you could tweak that header :) Let me know if I can help you in any way.


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