Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Experimenting with Wrinkle Ribbon!!!

I was soooooooooooo excited to come home and finally find my package from fabric.com.  I think I waited close to 2 weeks for it to arrive.

When I saw it was here, I immediately started watching videos and tutorials for making this ribbon for my cards.  I do have to credit Gayatri from the PTI forums, because she's the one who posted hers and it pushed me right over the edge into making this myself.

And here it is!!!

These 5 colors took me about an hour to make.  I only did a foot of each color to see how it would turn out with various inks/manufacturers.  Since I'm fairly new to stamping, I don't have many reinkers.....but, I did have a few of Tim Holtz because of making glitter mist using his Perfect Pearls.  I started with that and made the Cranberry first.  I loved the color.......very soft and pretty.  I then did the lettuce and eggplant.

Next I tried the only two PTI colors that I had reinkers for.....Dark Chocolate and Scarlet Jewel.........Both are so pretty and I think they actually have more shimmer than the Tim Holtz wrinkle ribbon.  They are all very pretty......I just wish my camera would do the colors more justice.  Eggplant is really a nice purple, here it looks on the blue side.

Anway.......If you want to make your own, it's so very easy and didn't take me long at all.  Here are the steps.

  1. Purchase 100% Rayon Seam Binding (I got Hug Snug brand from fabric.com)
  2. Mix reinker and some water in little mister bottles (I used Tim Holtz brand).  I probably used about 25 drops of the ink and filled the mister 1/2 full with water.
  3. Use a container or splash mat and spritz seam binding with plain water to moisten it and get it ready to adhere the ink.  I just used one of those Glad storage containers that I can't find the lid to......It's like socks and the dryer....I never know where they get to.
  4. Put on rubber gloves!!!
  5. Mist the ink on to the ribbon, squishing and squeezing it while turning it in the ink.  I wanted a lot of color so I spritzed a good 5-8 times.  
  6. Wad up the ribbon in a tight squished ball and squeeze it into a dry paper towel, to absorb the extra liquid.
  7. Use your heat tool to dry being sure to ALWAYS keep tossing and squishing the seam binding.  Because it is so thin, you can not aim the heat tool right at it while it is still, it will burn.  I just kept the heat tool in one hand and tossed, tossed, squished, tossed with the other hand until it was dry.
  8. Store in container like I have below so it stays wrinkled.

    Little fishing tackle box stolen from my husband.......Do you think he'll miss it???  ;-)

     If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me...........and keep your eyes on my Etsy shop.......I bet you'll see some appear there this weekend!!!

    Thanks for looking!


      Becky said...

      They look great! I don't have any reinkers yet, but I'll definitely be trying this whenever I get some. Thanks for the nice tutorial! :)

      Danielle Therese Greenwood said...

      You didn't waste any time girl! They look great! We should do a wrinkle ribbon trade, since we all have different colors of re-inkers!

      Lorraine said...

      Wow, your ribbon turned out great! Love that you used the distress inks on them, too.

      Gayatri said...

      Gorgeous colors, Stephanie and congrats on your success :)

      Laurie said...

      Great job on these! I really should try it on my own instead of buying from Etsy! Yours look great!

      Amy said...

      Looky here! Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial....I've wondered how to make this stuff! I've always bought from PrairieBirdBoutique on Etsy. Hmm....now I need to order some to make my own! Off to check out the prices of the seam binding on the link you gave! Enabler!! :)

      Amy said...

      Ok, did you just buy white seam binding? :)

      Stephanie said...

      Amy.........I did buy the white, but I've read that cream or ivory will work well, too! I didn't think it was very expensive to order, even with s/h. I can't wait to see the colors you make.

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