Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Card Set!

I think I'm on a roll!!!  I made another set of PTI cards that I'm thinking of selling.  Friends and family are asking for them and I'm practicing so that I can make cute Christmas sets.

When I came up with the dimensions for my 3SW (3 sheet wonders...lol), I ended up having one larger strip of paper in each pattern left over.  I wanted to do something with it so that it wasn't wasted.  So, I decided to put it on the box.  Now you can see all the patterns used inside on the cards.  I opted out of putting a sentiment on the front of this one.......just some ribbon to dress it up.

The sayings on these are:  thinking of you, thank you and For my friend.

The sayings on these are:  Congrats, Get Well SOON!, and thanks a bunch!

So, the real question.............Would you pay $15.00 for a set of these 6 cards, envelopes and the box?  Or, is that too high of a price?  Please be honest..........I need to have a starting point.


Keva said...

I love the cards. I think they look great and I like to see sets like that. They're especially good for people who do not stamp, but who like to send out cards. Really cute.

As for the price..hmm..so that works out to about 2.50 per card (not including the box which you would NOT get at Hallmark!). I don't know honestly. I have never sold cards so you might want to wait until someone who has comes along, but I think it sounds just a TAD high. Maybe $12? I don't know...I am just thinking out loud..lol...sorry. They ARE great cards, though, so put some feelers out there and see how people react to the price. If they react badly, you can then cut the price a bit.

Sue Ann said...

Very pretty!!! I do love this paper too!!

Mariana said...

Great set, I love all the great paper and that you have a card for every occasion on the set that is really useful and a great selling point, are you including the envelopes and a box, are the envelopes stamped or something? I think that also affects the price, in a recent craft fair I went to there was a lady selling cards, she started at $3.00 per card. Sorry I cannot be of more help. But I have another craft fair this weekend, I'll let you know the prices! Good luck, they are gorgeous!

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