Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Card Tote

More birthday card making today...........but, this time, very clean and simple in order to make a gift of cards for a dear, dear friend.

I am finding more and more resources at SCS that it is totally blowing my mind.  The ladies and gents over there are so wonderful with offering their knowledge and skills.  I recently found a post labeled "OSW Cards" and didn't know what it meant.  I researched and found out it meant "One Sheet Wonder."  This simply means you take a 12"X12" double-sided designer paper and cut it in specific ways to use every bit of that paper in order to make a set of cards.  It's GENIUS!!!  I used up so many scraps today and have a beautiful birthday gift in the end.  I love this idea and found many, many templates that do this.

The template I used was made by Stephanie aka akstampmama at SCS.  Her template is called Au Chocolate and I loved it because of the tote that the cards can be stored in.  Obviously, I don't have the colors she used in her tutorial (oh, how I wish I did!), but I did have lovely patterned paper that allowed me to create something similar!

Here is my tote and cards!

I just love this little tote!  There are 9 all-occasion cards in here.  I carried the black and white polka dot theme over to all 9 cards.

This is my favorite card in the set!

There are so many ideas like this one.  Just go to SCS and in the templates forum, do a search for "OSW" and you will get a ton of patterns.You could also make up your very own.  I'm not to that point, yet.......but, maybe soon!

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