Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The organization begins...........................

No stamping/creating for me tonight.  Instead, I've started my stamp organization.  Finally, everything has arrived in order for me to start condensing my single packs and instead using a binder that snaps shut.  I got the idea from this blog:  Stamp Organization Idea  You'll have to scroll down a bit to get an idea.  I love how easy it will be to just go to a category on the rolodex and look through them until I see the stamp that I want.  I already noticed how nice it is to see the image stamped instead of looking through the plastic sheets.

I did have a difficult time wrapping my head around what I was doing (long day, I guess).  I started out putting each stamp in the container matching the "category" it should belong in.  It was taking forever and I was using the binders up like mad.  Then I realized...........If I'm labeling the binders to match what I'm putting on each Rolodex card......the stamps can be all mixed up.  Oye!.......That definitely took me a while.......lol  But now, I have 4 sets of stamps all in one binder and I have at least another sheet to put in it.

I just love how convenient this will make my stamping!  Yay!!!

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