Monday, August 9, 2010

Copics Arrived!!!!

Saturday morning, my mailman came early!!!!  He must have known that I was eagerly waiting for my Copic markers to arrive.  I couldn't wait to put all of Suzanne Dean's tutorials to the test.  I don't have many stamps that create just an outline, so I went and bought a few for $1 at JoAnn's the night before.  I knew I had ordered 3 hues of orange because of the autumn season, Halloween and, I found a pumpkin that would be just perfect.

I started by stamping just one pumpkin, but it looked a little lonely.  Since I wanted to add 2 more, I also got to try the technique of "masking."  It wasn't as difficult as I had expected.  You basically cover your image with a piece of paper and stamp over the image that was made first.  The paper provides a shield, or mask, so that the ink doesn't touch the first stamp.

First of all, coloring for me is soooooooooooo theraputic.  It is so calming and creative and just what I needed to do this weekend.  Secondly, I loved seeing the hard lines of the two colors used side-by-side totally disappear as I blended with the lighter color.  I was amazed.  So much so, that I had to show my neighbor (who loves scrapbooking) and my

This card is my very first one made with blending the Copic markers.  I can readily admit that I see many more Copics in many new colors coming my way for future cards!  ;-)

Copics used:  YR02, YR07, YR09 & G99


Loretta Rodger said...

You've done a fantastic job with your coloring, enjoy the copics, once you buy your first, it's like candy, you can't have enough!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks, Loretta! I just ordered about 15 more yesterday. They should be arriving Wednesday from Oozaks. I love how fast they ship. Now I need to find some stamps that have bigger areas to color. ;-)

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